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Construction comes with a responsibility; wasted resources equal wasted gains for all.

More efficiency throughout makes for money-wise management with more control over impact and outcomes.


“Their entire team can’t be rivalled by any other contractor I have worked with in recent history — a critical partner to us at Grandeur Housing.”

Jeff Enns, business development
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“I most appreciate their perseverance, optimism, and expertise. They gave me a strong sense of confidence and a positive return I can be proud of.”

Don Gabruch, real estate investor
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Rethinking the construction process

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Doing things differently takes bravery and we’re proud of the clients who have joined us along the way. Take a look at the award-winning projects the Big Block team has completed.

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The modular method

Aside from new building codes every now and then, building methods in the construction industry have remained the same for decades. We’re rethinking the construction process using modern methods like modular construction.

In modular construction, buildings are constructed off-site in a factory setting, creating “modules” that are then put together on site. We’ve built more than 1,500 homes in the affordable housing and rental sector using modular construction and have found there’s more cost certainty, as well as lower CO2 emissions.

Benefits of modular

Quicker build times

  • Modules can be built in the factory at the same time as foundations and other site work is happening

Increased safety controls

  • The factory setting makes it easier to reduce safety risks
  • Fewer people and less time on site means less chance of incidents

Less neighbourhood disruption

  • Shorter build times
  • Fewer material and equipment deliveries

Higher quality

  • The factory setting offers a climate-controlled space
  • The factory setting allows for many more inspections during the build process

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