Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

At Big Block Construction (“us”, “we”), we respect your privacy and want to give you as much control as possible over the personal information you supply to us. You can view our Website and read most of the information contained herein without giving us any personal information.

Your name, address and other information, including but not limited to information regarding the manner in which you use our Website, that may be collected by us will not be processed or disclosed by us except as permitted by these terms and conditions.

Use of Personal Information

There are pages on our site where we request information from you in order to fulfill a request for further information or view products. Each of these pages is clearly designed with a form that has fields clearly labeled. On these forms, we clearly indicate or request “required” information that we need to fulfill the request.

We use the information we collect to fulfill your request.

In some cases (such as financing program or sales inquiries), we may contract a trusted third party (such as a professional mortgage specialist or real estate agent) to perform this task.

We may also, from time to time, use this information to notify you of future product releases, company events and other information either via e-mail, direct mail or telephone. We may contract a trusted third party (such as a professional marketing firm) to perform this task.

It is our policy never to resell the information you give us.

By being a user of this Website, you agree that we may share with other parties Aggregate Information, Individual Information and Locator Information gathered by us in the course of your continuing use of this site for the purposes of enhancing your experience.

“Aggregate Information” is information that describes the habits, usage patterns and/or demographics of users as a group but does not describe or reveal the identity of any particular user.

“Individual Information” is information about a user that is presented in a form indistinguishable from information relating to other users but not in a form that personally identifies any user or enables the recipient to communicate directly with any user.

“Locator Information” consists of a user’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, physical address and/or other data about the user that enables the recipient to personally identify the user.

If you do not wish us to use your Locator Information, do not wish to receive any special offers or communications directly from us or our affiliates, or wish to confirm that your Locator Information has been accurately recorded or correct such information, you should e-mail us at (Note that your election not to receive any such promotional information will not affect your receipt of offers or communications that were processed prior to your election.)

Aggregate, Individual, and Locator Information will be processed and stored by us in Canada and, if you do not live in Canada, possibly in your country of residence.


There are some pages on this site that use a technology called “cookies”. Cookies are strings of text written by programs on this site to a disk file on your computer. They contain information to help us better serve you next time you return to the site.

Most browsers can be configured to either notify you when sites create cookies or to disallow the creation of cookies. Refer to the documentation that came with your browser or the online help files supplied with your browser for instructions that will allow you to better control how cookies are written to your hard disk.