Ridgedale Crossing

Ridgedale Crossing townhouses in Swift Current, Sask.


Warkentin Residential


Rental property for recurring revenue


  • Award-winning stacked townhouse design
  • Integrated fire suppression sprinkler system
  • Phase 1 completed in 6 months
When Warkentin Residential decided to invest in building a portfolio of rental property for recurring revenue, they found modular construction offered the quick turnaround, modern design, and high quality demanded by the rental market in Swift Current, SK.

We worked closely with our preferred modular specialist on the prairies and our construction crew to successfully replicate an award-winning stacked townhouse design, modified to integrate a fire suppression sprinkler system as required by local bylaws.

Construction of Phase 1 consisted of two 12-plexes and was completed in just 6 months. Phase 2 consisted of one 8-plex. The tenants were delighted to hear that their brand new homes were ready for move-in as early as January 2018, and all 32 units were 100% occupied within 3 months.

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