Building energy efficient, sustainable homes that stand the test of time: Quality assurance of the building envelope
September 24, 2020
When someone makes an investment in a new home, they expect the building to last long after they have moved on, especially when it comes to the structure itself. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Details may be overlooked, and one place that this sometimes happens is with the building envelope of the home. Sun Ridge is a third-party partner on a new quality assurance program Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program is offering builders that focuses specifically on the building envelope.
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‘Exciting and fast-paced’: Craning day on a Net Zero Ready modular build
August 18, 2020
Seeing a modular build come together is an amazing sight: A building seems to almost magically appear in a day! If only it were as easy as waving a wand — in reality, it takes a community of well-coordinated workers to make it happen.
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Affordable from the ground up: How the NAHC is building for all
August 3, 2020
Stacie Beever with the National Affordable Housing Corporation wants every Canadian to have access to affordable housing. For years, the NAHC’s main focus was on home ownership, but that goal has shifted to more of a focus on rentals. “If the rental market is left to dwindle and no new developments are taken on, vacancy rates continue to fall while the cost to rent skyrockets,” said Beever, who is the chief operation officer for the NAHC.
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Building for the future: Saskatoon’s Low Emissions Community Plan aims to slow global warming
July 15, 2020
Residential buildings made up one-quarter of Saskatoon’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 — that’s 913,000 tonnes of CO2. So when the City began to draft its Low Emissions Community Plan in 2019, residential buildings were one of the sectors that could be improved to reduce emissions and slow the effects of global warming.
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Efficient, strong, and time-saving: Adapting modular construction to Net Zero standards
July 9, 2020
To the untrained eye, a modularly constructed building looks nearly identical to one built using traditional methods, but Jeff Enns with Grandeur Housing hopes that people will take notice of the role that factory construction played in bringing the Willowview Heights Net Zero project to fruition.
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Using Net Zero tech to build better multi-unit residential buildings
June 25, 2020
The Canadian Home Builders’ Association has embarked on an exciting mission: to provide healthier homes for Canadians using the fastest and most efficient methods, including Net Zero technologies. Big Block’s Willowview Heights will be one of the first multi-unit residential buildings (MURB) qualified under the CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program.
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How we used the LEEP process to design a Net Zero multi-unit residential building
June 11, 2020
Collaboration is better when you have different disciplines at the table together, and the Big Block team saw this in action through a series of design charettes we undertook as part of the Willowview Heights Net Zero project.
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Laying the foundation for a Net Zero multi-unit residential building
May 28, 2020
Our tradespeople have been busy working on laying the foundation for the Willowview Heights project. The basement crawl space has been excavated and the footings have been poured; sewer, water and storm lines are done; and we installed the ICF block that’s going to form the foundation walls.
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Big Block nominated for CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence
March 5, 2020
Big Block Construction, Innovative Residential, and Grandeur Housing are thrilled to be finalists for the 2020 Canadian Home Builders’ Association National Awards for Housing Excellence!
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