Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of modular construction compared to stick building on site?
How much time does modular construction save?
How does the cost per square foot of a modular building compare to a traditional building?
How do market fluctuations impact building materials on modular projects?
How does building like this impact the neighboring community?
Can you do Net Zero with modular construction?
Can all designs be built using modular construction techniques?
How large are these units?
Is it possible to do pitched or vaulted roofs with modular construction?
How long does it take to build these units in the factory from start to finish?
What is the soundproofing performance?
How long do the module units sit on site before they get craned in place?
How is the top of each module protected against water damage?
What’s the timeline from when you crane to completion?
Are there any restrictions on road access?
How many different trades are needed after you crane to complete the building?
How do the boxes fit together?