Alex Miller

Alex Miller


Alex is passionate about community building, having built businesses and buildings for two decades. His expertise is in modular multi-family housing construction, and he aims to support others through successful development journeys. An engineer by trade, he values trust, results-driven innovation, and efficient collaboration. Alex’s dedication to advancing the residential construction industry equips Big Block to deliver fast-paced, low-risk, high-quality housing to communities at scale.

Since growing up in a small farming community in Saskatchewan, Alex has gone on to oversee the construction of dozens of multi-family developments across Western Canada, as well as personally investing in hundreds of rentals.

Alex’s knack for inspiring people to pursue excellence is evident at Big Block and in his volunteer work. His leadership in the homebuilding sector has been recognized for contributing to improved social outcomes, with his efforts focusing on housing affordability, climate compatibility, and resiliency.

Alex is co-chair of the Resilient Homes Task Force and is Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) Board of Directors. Alex will become President of the CHBA in 2025.