'The Right Balance': Project spotlight in Western Exteriors Magazine

March 20, 2021

Western Exteriors Magazine highlighted the National Affordable Housing Corporation Willowview Heights building as it's Featured Project in its Spring 2021 issue.

Read the intro to the article below, and follow the link to read the full story.

Big Block Construction’s new project, Willowview Heights, is setting new standards in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by seeking to solve issues around improved sustainability.

A new, 72,500-square-foot building development project in Saskatchewan is pushing the envelope when it comes to sustainability. Big Block Construction's Willowview Heights is the province's very first multi-unit residential building to be certified net-zero ready; only one of seven such projects in Canada as part of an initiative coordinated by the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) that seeks to solve the issues around moving the industry in the direction of improved sustainability by 2030.

Read the full article here.

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While Big Block is busy building like Bigfoot...
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